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Kanallys' 1957 16' Cowell King with 1960 Mercury 45 hp outboard, Tenkiller Lake, OK, 2003

Welcome!  This site was created to preserve the memory of Cowell Boat Works, and to find and unite Cowell boat owners wherever they may be. We heard from Mike Seiber and Dan Burns about Dan's '58 Cowell King, which Mike restored from 2019-2024, which is now for sale at just $10,000. It's in great condition, and would make the perfect boat for the right owner. You can contact Dan in the greater Pittsburgh area at 412-974-1115.

Here's another total restoration of a 1957 16' Cowell King, this one by a team of members from the Chautauqua Lake Twin Tiers Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society. Here's their Cowell on display at the July 7, 2012 CLTT Boat Show. Watch a video of the event. Learn more about this '57 Cowell King.

In 2011, along with four other Cowells, this same Cowell boat was shown as a project boat at the CLTT show, July 8-9, 2011! See a video of the event. Hear interviews with Tom Cowell's son Richard, and Cowell owners Chuck and Howie Thomas, and Bob Dancause about Cowell Boats.

Cowell Boat Works was a family-owned boat manufacturing business in Erie, PA.  Active from the mid 1950s until 1960, Cowell manufactured some of the most attractive and durable lapstrake and mahogany watercraft ever conceived.

Watch a Cowell in action now!

Cowell Marque Club created to support Cowell owners!

Through the support and encouragement of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, we have created the Cowell Marque Club, an organization for owners of Cowell Boats dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Cowell boats and the discovery and preservation of Cowell Boat Works documentation.  Before long, we'll be able to provide additional history and details regarding the origins of Cowell Boats.

Efforts are underway to locate and catalogue Cowell Boat Works information.  The Erie Maritime Museum already has a number of Cowell documents and photographs archived, and continues to collect information and artifacts.  We are interested in including all Cowell boat owners in this effort.  Send us an email with your contact information by clicking the Join Now button below.  We'll respond with full information (no charge)!

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Cowells, Cowells, everywhere!

Terry Kish of Lorain, Ohio, aquired a very original 18' Cowell Sportsman in the summer of 2018. You can see photos of her remarkable state at the time of his purchase here.

Tom Calalesina, Rick Couchenour, Andy Robinson and Skip Vincent of the Jamestown, NY area have completed a 2-year restoration of a very pretty 1957 Cowell King 16-footer. See more!

Howie Thomas of Fairview, PA has completed the restoration of a unique 15-foot Sportsman Model. You gotta see this!

Curtis Pound of Fairport, NY has a Cowell that has been in his family since 1980. See photo at the end of the Models section!

See original brochures as well as modern day photos of various Cowell models in the models section.

Bob Summers, who lives on Grosse Ile, MI at the mouth of the Detroit River on Lake Erie has a '59 King!! Restoration underway soon!

Feel free to e-mail us with any ideas, questions, or Cowell Boat sightings!

See a very nice newspaper article on Cowell Boat Works published by the Erie Times News by visiting their website at, and enter the words Cowell Boat Works in the search window.

There are about 15 known surviving Cowells. Many have been nicely maintained by their owners. This 1959 Sportsman in Connecticut is a perfect example.

This 18' Cowell Sportsman is powered by a Mercury 50 hp and has a 6 hp Johnson trolling motor.

Kanallys' 1957 Cowell King taking a spin on Moss Lake near Gainesville, TX in 2006