Models and Specifications

Look below to see brochures from the late '50s and early '60s as well as modern day shots of surviving Cowells.

Following the brochures are two nice photos of Ron and Tory Lucinski's 18' Sportsman with a rare Volvo inboard/outboard drivetrain. The larger 20' Windswept model was advertised with that power package, but someone must have ordered it for their Sportsman. A resident of Java Center, NY, Ron is a cabinet maker by trade, and has spent many hours applying his skill to the restoration of this boat (2016-17) and has turned his attention to some mechanical issues.

Next down the page is a picture of John Sedgwick's 1960 Cowell 18' "Day Cruiser" on the water, with twin 1964 Merc 35's. This boat has since been sold, but remains a unique example of a custom-build Cowell. It measures 17' 2" from transom to front of bow. The transom is 73" wide, and height (keel to gunwale) is 38" in front and 32" at transom.

Scroll down a little farther to find several nice shots of Howie Thomas' 15' Pride. Howie bought this little gem from Paul Huntley of Edinboro, PA and worked with experienced boatwright Bob Arlet and former Cowell employee Ray Scott to restore her to bristol condition.

We also had the pleasure of traveling to the Finger Lakes region of New York several years ago, and meeting up with the highly skilled and industrious Bob Dancause, who has two Cowells, including the last Cowell ever made. See photos of these beauties and its owner in this section. Sadly, Bob passed away in 2017, but the boats remain with the family.

Rip and Judy Bodman are the proud owners of a later model Cowell King, which they found in Pittsburgh! We've added five shots of their boat, which they have restored since the first pictures were taken.

Not to be outdone, Captain Seaweed of Pennsylvania has weighed in with a breathtaking restoration of a 1959 Viking. Five shots of this beauty appear here in our Models section.

Upon hearing of the write-up in the Erie Times News (enter the word Cowell in the search window at the Times News website to find the article), Tom Murray of Oklahoma City got in touch and told us about the Viking he keeps in the water in Oklahoma for near-constant use! See two shots at the end of this section.

Curtis Pound of Fairport, NY has submitted a shot of his Cowell, which has been in the family since 1980.

Most recently, Terry Kish of Ohio acquired a very original Sportsman in the summer of 2018, which you can check out here.

Models and specs from a late 1950's brochure

A late 1950's pricelist. Those were the days!

Brochure from 1960 or so showing larger models

Back page of brochure from 1960 or so showing larger models

Above and below, Terry Kish, who lives in Ohio, acquired this 18' Cowell Sportsman in the summer of 2018. She is powered by a 1961 75 hp Evinrude Starflite outboard. The boat was sold by Art Hayes Boat Dockage (now called Cranberry Creek) in Huron Ohio. Terry purchased it from Martin Belfi of Columbia Station, Ohio.

Above, Belfi had it for a year and bought it from the original owner in North Ridgeville Ohio. The boat bas been stored inside and has been unused for the past 9 or 10 years. It's 17'-6" long. 89" wide at the beam, 38" deep and weighs 985 lbs. Original price was $1330.00. (Price listed from Cowell Boat Works.) All original, has never been repainted or varnished. Wood is very, very solid. No rot or dry rot.

Above and below, Ron and Tory Lucinski's Sportsman is looking good after a lot of restoration work in 2016-2017. The boat has a rare Volvo inboard/outboard setup, which Ron continues to tune and adjust.

John Sedgwick's 1960 18-foot Day Cruiser, with twin Merc 35's, Amherst, NY, 2002

Howie Thomas' 15' 1960 Pride, underway following restoration.

This gorgeous profile of Howie's Pride reveals extensive restoration work.

The interior of Howie Thomas' Pride. Like new!

There's nothing prettier than a nicely restored Cowell.

Howie Thomas and boatwright Bob Arlet worked hours on the meticulous restoration.

Howie and Bob used every clamp in the shop to glue on the new foredeck.

Former Cowell Boat Works employee Ray Scott with Howie Thomas

Hear Howie and Chuck Thomas tell the story of their Cowell Boat:


Bob Dancause's 1960 16' King, powered by twin 1964 Merc 65's!

Bow view of the Dancause King, complete with mirror finish and a burgee made by Bob's understanding wife!

Two Merc 65's can make this baby jump out of the water!

Bob's 14' 1956 Runabout is the earliest surviving Cowell known. Bob displays her on a 40' trailer of his own making, en-to-end with his King. (July, 2011)

Three generations of Dancauses, (l-r) Grandson David, Son Steve, and the late master craftsman Bob, standing in front of the award-winning King (1999 photo)

Bob's pride shows in the first-place silver plate he won at the Niagara show in 1995 for his best-of-show Cowell.

(l-r) Steve and Gloria Dancause, Janell and Bob Dancause, Richard and Jane Cowell in front of Bob's award winning Cowells at Bemus Point, NY in 2011

Hear Bob Dancause talk about his Cowell Boats:


The bow of Rip and Judy Bodman's new Cowell.

The dash and windshield of Rip and Judy Bodman's new Cowell.

Rip and Judy Bodman's new Cowell, powered by a Flying Scott!.

Judy Bodman on the maiden voyage of their newly restored Cowell King.

Rip Bodman on the maiden voyage of their newly restored King.

Captain Seaweed's 1959 Viking.

Gorgeous brightwork meticulously refinished by Captain Seaweed.

The carefully restored dash of Captain Seaweed's Viking.

Captain Seaweed's skill is evident in the beautifully restored interior of the Viking.

The seats of the Viking feature hinged backrests to facilitate walk-through.

Tom Murray keeps his trusty Viking in the water near Oklahoma City all the time, and uses it at least weekly.

Tom calls his boat a "working boat", but it sure looks purty to us!

This Cowell has been in Curtis Pound's family since 1980...restoration soon!