Mac McDerby

Yellow Jacket Founder (at the wheel)

Roy Rogers
Yellow Jacket Partner and Spokesman


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A wide variety of models belonging to owners around the country.

Yellow Jacket brochures and owner's manual

Photos of 1955 models

A visit with Mac McDerby

A trip to Denison, TX

Yellow Jacket items for sale

Marty Franz has published a wonderful book, Mac and his Yellow Jacket Boats, now in soft cover and available from Amazon. Buy yours today!


Fast Fun in the Fifties

Whether you're a classic wooden boat enthusiast, a Denison, TX alum, a Roy Rogers fan, or a Yellow Jacket owner, you'll find lots of interesting reading on this site. You can also follow the action on our new Yahoo! Yellow Jacket Group.

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Yellow Jacket Boats was founded in 1949 as the McDerby-Conatser Boat Company of Denison, TX. By the time the operation closed in 1959, there were thousands of fast, affordable molded-hull Yellow Jacket boats skimming across the lakes and coastal waters of the country. Stories abound of baby boomers who learned to ski behind a Yellow Jacket. There are equally fond memories of kids who napped under the foredeck while their dad fished from his Yellow Jacket.

Identify the model year of a Yellow Jacket Boat!

Read a recently found, very rare, 1950 Brochure!

Hundreds of Yellow Jackets survive. Many have been restored to original condition. Others are languishing in sheds and barns and deserve to be brought back to life.

This site is designed to educate its visitors and inspire them to share their Yellow Jacket stories and to help find surviving Yellow Jackets.

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