The ACBS has created a Yellow Jacket Marque Club for us!

The Antique and Classic Boat Society has created a Marque Club just for Yellow Jacket owners. Of the hundreds (and possibly thousands) of Yellow Jackets still in existence, only a handful are represented in the membership of the ACBS. We invite you to consider joining the Yellow Jacket Marque Club and the ACBS. You'll be part of the country's largest antique and classic boating community, and you'll be connected with other Yellow Jacket owners across the country.

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So far, we've identified at least 8 previously undiscovered Yellow Jackets, and bet there are a lot more out there. Please join in this important effort to find and preserve Yellow Jackets.

Watch a video of former Yellow Jacket employee Gene Ramey reminisce about operations and people of the Yellow Jacket Boat company in the '50s: