Wesley Theakston, Builder of Yellow Jacket Hulls

Already a leader in the business community, Theakson (front row, left) is pictured here in Halifax with fellow members of the board of the Junior Investment Dealers of Nova Scotia in the 1940s.

While still with Industrial Shipping of Mahone Bay, NS, Theakston attended the Chicago Boat Show, circa 1950, to promote the virtues of molded hulls in various applications. Theakston is seated at the center of the table, showing promotional material to those in attendance.

At the Chicago Boat show Theakson (seated, left) discusses molded hulls with a potential buyer while others view examples of Sports-Craft molded-hull boats sold in California.

Although Yellow Jacket was Theakston's biggest customer, the company made other hulls for sale to other boat manufacturers, as evidenced by this flyer from the late 1950s. Special thanks to Wesley Theakston's daughters Elaine and Valerie for these photos.