Designer/Architect Created Exploded Drawings, Hardware, Concepts

Bill Bauder

Austin, TX architect Bill Collins Bauder examining hardware he designed for the 1956 Yellow Jacket Catalina that won Best of Class at the Keels & Wheels show, May 1-2, 2010

Bill Collins Bauder is a member of the Collins family who were pioneers in Denison. In fact, nearby Collinsville is named for the clan, where Bill's great-great grandmother, Lodi, founded an Texas' first free school. Yes, Denison was the site of the first free public graded school; Collinsville's was private.

From 1952-1958, Bauder worked as a draftsman and designer for the Yellow Jacket Boat Company, designing the signature cast aluminum hardware for the boats, and creating exploded drawings of various models. Bill even penned a few conceptual designs for the company.

Recently, Bill donated signed copies of a number of these drawings to the Wooden Boat Association, which we share here with you. Many thanks to Bill for his important contribution to the body of knowledge concerning Yellow Jacket Boats.

(Click on each drawing to view a larger version)