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Gallery 4 -- Photos of Phantom

Phantom is a luxurious 50-foot motor yacht designed by Joe Dyer and built by the Astoria Marine Construction Company in 1936.  It was recently purchased by Portland Yacht Club member Chuck Kellogg (you can see Chuck at the helm of Phantom in one of the shots below, and on the foredeck with his wife Trish in another) and painstakingly restored to its original glory.

For more information on the history of Phantom, and its place in the history of the Astoria Marine Construction Company and of our nation's defense, go to the War Years section at the Astoria Marine Const. Co. link at left.

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In early March of 2004, Phantom owner Chuck Kellogg invited George Beall to meet Gordon B. Leitch, Jr. and Crod 3 owner David Kanally at the Portland Yacht Club.  Beall and Leitch had known each other as neighbors and Boy Scouts a few decades back, and were happy to renew acquaintance and talk about (and climb about) old boats.

George Beall, Gordon B. Leitch, Jr. and Chuck Kellogg at the Portland Yacht Club

March, 2004

During the weekend of June 25, 2005, Phantom appeared together with Merrimac and their respective owners at the annual Columbia Crossings Wooden Boat Show in Portland.  We had the pleasure of participating in this event, and to witness the reunion of Tom Dyer, son of AMCCO founder Joe Dyer) with many of the people and watercraft associated with AMCCO's great legacy.

Phantom poised to greet visitors to the Columbia Crossings Wooden Boat Show, June 25, 2005