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Columbia River One Design

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Columbia River One Design, Hull #3 Aeolus ("God of the Winds"), built in 1934 by the Astoria Marine Construction Company. A total of twelve boats were built, mainly in the 1930's and 1940's.

The expansive mouth of the Columbia River in northwestern Oregon presents an eternal invitation to the sailor...and the shipwright. Its strong winds, boat-stranding tides and ever-shifting sand bars can challenge the most gifted sea farer.

Astoria is the gateway to the Columbia River, and nerve center of its sailing tradition.  Near the historic town is the Fort Clatsop National Memorial commemorating the 1805-06 winter encampment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Astoria is also home to the Astoria Marine Construction Company, builders of the 12 Columbia River One Design (CROD) 28-foot sloops, constructed mainly in the 1930's and 40's.  These boats, designed by Joseph M. Dyer, provided recreation and competition for a small group of owners who wanted a shoal-draft boat to clear sandbars and gill nets.

Most of the the Crod hulls survive.  Hulls 1 and 2 have been donated to the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which also houses significant historical information on the class.  Hull 3, Aeolus, is moored in Florida.  Crod 4, Terry (later Mamook) has been found in good shape, under new ownership in Seattle.  Hull 5, Dorla, now Antiki, has been purchased by Matthew Trent, and is slated for restoration.  Hull 6 is now moored in Olympia, Washington and is under restoration by owner Art Pier. Hull 10, named Tom Tom after Tom Dyer, son of the class designer, is still in use in Washington.   Hull 12, Flossie, is looking for a new home and is available for free!!

Tom Tom anchored in the San Juans of Washington State

Hull 3, named Aeolus ("The God of the Winds" in Greek mythology) was acquired by Brian Stock in 2013 and moved to the St. Augustine, FL area.   Hull 3 is featured in this site, since it is, to our knowledge, the oldest CROD in active use. In the late 90s, Aeolus was lovingly restored by David Fastabend and the shipwrights of Astoria Marine Construction, which still does business as a commercial shipyard. By 2013, she was ready for another round of major work, being undertaken in Florida.

Aeolus under sail in Texas, August 2003.

It is our sincere hope that there are other CROD hulls out there, and that this site may serve as a forum for their owners to make themselves known, and to complete the knowledge base of this remarkable class of sailing vessel.

If you have news of other CRODs, please send us an email.


L.R. Daniels Watercolor Features Aeolus

Aeolus is featured in this original watercolor by artist Lisa R. Daniels. Her work may be seen at